Distune vam predstavlja (Distune presents) is the central program of the association for the past ten years as a part of an urban creativity in Rijeka and the surrounding area. Through the program ‘Distune presents to you’, local and foreign musicians usually promote their current releases, either as part of a tour and / or as an solo exclusive performance. The program, which began in 2010, in its ten seasons has provided a quality cultural offering based on:

  • variety of programs (music, film, literature, art);
  • it presents contemporary local and foreign avant-garde artists
  • encourages intergenerational integration
  • is genre unlimited and open to experimentation
  • sets high standards in implementation

Featured guests include: Calexico, Tiger Lillies, Acid Mothers Temple, Kadavar, My Buddy Moose, Neurosis, Wovenhand, Emma Ruth Rundle, Kries, Operators, Bebe na Vole, Repetitor, Strange, The Dublin Legends … For more information of all program guests, look into ARCHIVES


Impulse festival

Behind the name Impulse, there is a multi-day club boutique festival whose main goal is to promote urban culture, especially its music segment. The events that take place during the festival, through various media and events (concerts, films, fine arts, stands), are simultaneously  engaged in performing and questioning the music, which is the backbone and link of the whole festival. In previous releases, audiences have been able to experience music in all its forms through various segments – the premiere guest appearance of guitarist and co-founder of legendary Sonic Youth, Lee Ranaldo, the last touring show of avant-garde Swans, or the cult Wovenhand, guest acts of Japanese post rock splendors Mono or Irish God Is An Astronaut; Croatian premiere of B-Movie-Lust & Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989, screening of films such as Studio 54 or Scream for Sarajevo …. significant visual guest appearances by renowned artists Igor Hofbauer and Darko Kujunžđić;  panel discussions  with distinguished guests and contemporary topics such as – promoting a music program or placement of music videos; record fairs, workshops and much, much more …. For more information of all program guests, look into ARCHIVES



Let’s talk About Music is an educational program of developing and engaging new participants in the local music scene. With the program implementation, we want to involve the younger population more strongly in further deepening and promoting of alternative culture, through professional mentoring and guidance in a series of workshops and lectures that focus on the organization and realization of a particular music event. The specificity of this program is in the combination of educational practice through designed modules and close work with active local musicians, primarily those whose quality is not sufficiently expressed. For more information of all program guests, look into ARCHIVES



Epic Problem

as a concept, in the form of a one-day mini festival, provides an opportunity for local bands to play with quality foreign bands. So far, five releases have been held in which the audience could enjoy and get to know several bands through different music genres. The stage was shared by local forces Stonebride, [mandelbrot set], Very Expensive Porno Movie, Hesus Attor with foreign guests like NoMeansNo, White Hills, Jucifer, Tides From Nebula… For more information of all program guests, look into ARCHIVES


Kino Koncert

A step forward in terms of enriching the cultural offer of the city of Rijeka is a project that is in many ways unique, not only locally but also regionally – Kino koncert (Cinema Concert). The Kino koncert program was organized in cooperation with Art-kino Croatia, in which five editions that have been more than successful, have been held so far. This ambitious project of merging film and music art, had its premiere in May 2012, when the American post-rock band Deadhorse played after the projection of the movie (they also worked on its soundtrack). In 2013, we celebrated the International Women’s Day (March 8) with a film and music program through the premiere of the movie “Mima and Marta” (guest screenings with director D. Radić) and a concert by the women’s choir  from Zagreb, Le zbor. In 2014, the Kino koncert was presented with the screening of the movie “Partir to live” by the young Chilean director Domingo García-Huidobro and the performance of the Dutch lute musician Josef Van Wissem, winner of the film award for music (Golden Palm in Cannes) in Jim Jarmusch’s film ”Only Lovers Survive “. In 2015, we premiered the film “Salad Days-A Decade Of Punk In Washington DC (1980-1990)” with musical support – Prlja (LET 3) and Valter (Paraf). In 2017, we screened the movie “One more time with feelings” on the big screen of Art-cinema Croatia about the work on Nick Cave’s album, Skeleton Tree. For more information of all program guests, look into ARCHIVES


Summer Edition

is a series of musical evenings held in 2013, which offered the Rijeka’s audience a diverse music program during the hot summer months. The program was realized in cooperation with the Hrvatski hostelski i ferijalni savez. The product of this cooperation was performance of several promising foreign and domestic musicians on the plateau in front of the Omaldinski hostel Pećine, like Foltin (Macedonia), Burning Hell & Jake Nicoll (Canada), O (Netherlands / Germany), Dead End Friends (Austria) and trio from Rijeka: Frano Živković, Pj Over and Domagoj Krišković. For more information of all program guests, look into ARCHIVES



In cooperation with the University of Rijeka, the RIFF project, provides an opportunity for Rijeka student bands to present their music through public performances in Rijeka. By organizing concerts, promotion, introduction to the club’s music production, the project encourages bands in their further development and creativity, giving them a more serious approach to music itself. Closer involvment into different phases of concert activities (preparation, promotion, production, stage performance i) and the use of other means of expression (VJ-ing, costume design, lighting…), RIFF enables better presentation of these bands to its colleagues and to the wider audience through public appearance. For more information of all program guests, look into ARCHIVES


Velvet festival

is a celebration of contemporary sound and culture that takes place in the picturesque Mediterranean town of Punat on the island of Krk. This authentic “open-source” experience, which unites concerts, parties, boat parties, karaoke, travel, tradition, radio, the Mediterranean, photography, architecture and design, has proven to be one of the most notable recent projects in the eyes of millennial audience. In the intimate atmosphere of nature, just a few meters from the sea, in previous editions,audience could enjoy in the performance of The Mauskovic Dance Band, Vanishing Twin, Svemirko, Max Abysmal, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Aquaserge, BEA1991, Porto Morto and many others. For more details about the program find out on the festival’s official fb page Velvet festival